Monday, December 03, 2007

School Days

I woke up this morning and felt sick to my stomach at the thought of going to work. I promised myself I wouldn't get so stressed this year, yet here I am. It seems like every school year brings new challenges. This year is bringing many. I have a tough little group on my hands. Between oppositional behavior, one child who runs out of the classroom whenever she wants to, frequent bathroom accidents, and tough social situations, I have my hands full. Everything happens for a reason though and I am meant to learn something from this experience. Perhaps I will come out of this school year with better classroom management skills. The wonderful thing is that the powers that be just decided to send me help. Starting tomorrow I will have a full time helper in the classroom. I am optomistic that it will make a difference. Here's hoping.

Dear Beth and Maggie- Thanks for Christmas shopping and munchies with me on Saturday, I needed that! :o) I had so much fun.