Monday, June 30, 2008

Rocking Chair

I came across this poem on a fertility website I frequent and it made me all teary, but it expresses my sentiments exactly. It was written by a girl named Carrie.

Rocking Chair

there's an empty room just down the hall
with a door that's locked up tight
that one day will be filled with love
when the time is right

for now that room has no rug
no crib or drapes you'll see
but in the corner is a rocking chair
sat upon by only me

it's in this chair, as i rock,
that i let my dreams come true
and color schemes drift through my mind
in shades of pink and blue

i wonder what it will be like
to hold you in my arms
and make the promise, as mother's do,
to keep you safe from harm

how longingly i've wished for you,
your smile and baby scent
i know you are my destiny
my own angel, heaven sent

but for now it's just me
and a teddy bear, it seems
but i promise i will wait for you
in my rocking chair of dreams...

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