Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to School

So it is back to school tomorrow after a nice long break that didn't seem as much like a break as it should have. It started with a terrible stomach bug that landed me in the hospital for IV fluids. Once that passed Christmas was upon us. We went to my in-laws first and then on to my parent's house to celebrate. There were two days of down time and then I headed off to Vermont with my mom to visit our family. It was so wonderful to meet my new cousin baby Jack and receive valuable advice on motherhood from my cousin Sarah.

We got home late on Thursday and I have been enjoying these last few relaxing moments. I snuck into my classroom on Friday and got organized. It felt like ages since I had been there so the time spent though brief gave me a great peace of mind. I am a little nervous about going back to school because it seems like every little thing makes me tired. I will just have to force myself to sit if I have to. I am also hopeful that the nausea phase might be behind me. The trick is not to let myself get too hungry, eat little snacks throughout the day. I am so excited to be feeling what must be the baby moving in there. Every once in a while, often right before I fall asleep, I feel the smallest fluttering or buzzing sensation in there. It is so comforting. I am in love already.

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